ShapeWear Care Guide: How to Maintain and Prolong the Lifespan

Caring for shapewear is just as important as finding the best fit when you buy it. As we know, shapewear is tight garments made from certain fabrics that provide compression to sculpt your body to be sleek and gorgeous. Shapewear works by compressing fat or unflattering bulges into desired areas to create a flawless silhouette. With the right shapewear, your figure will go well with any outfit. The best thing is, you can get it instantly without having to lose weight or undergo aesthetic procedures.

Shapewear now seems to be an essential fashion item for women. It can even be worn every day because it has several compression levels that you can choose according to your needs and comfort. 

Like clothes that you wear and wash frequently, shapewear also requires care to maintain its quality. However, caring for booty shapewear is certainly different from caring for your favorite jeans. Due to differences in materials, shapewear care is not the same as your regular clothes.

If you are still confused about how to care for your shapewear, check out this shapewear care guide below. This guide will help you care for your shapewear so that it maintains its quality and lasts a long time!

1. Wash Shapewear By Hand
It is important to read the care instructions for shapewear when you buy it. One of the main things is to avoid using a washing machine to wash it. Using a washing machine can damage the quality and reduce the elasticity of the fabric. That will make your shapewear no longer able to work effectively. Just like when you wash your underwear, shapewear should be washed manually by hand. No need to rub too hard, just rub your fingers gently all over your shapewear when washing it.

2. Use A Gentle Liquid Detergent
Whether it's a built-in shaper dress, tummy control bodysuit, booty shaping shorts or sports bra, it should be washed with a mild and gentle liquid detergent to maintain the softness and quality of the fabric. Most shapewear is made from nylon and spandex to achieve excellent fabric elasticity. Even though the fabrics are strong, improper care can reduce the softness of the yarns and textile fibers. You can buy laundry soap specifically for caring for undergarments or use a gentle detergent for baby clothes. It would be better if you choose a hypoallergenic detergent to minimize the risk of skin allergies.

3. Clean Stains On Your Shapewear Carefully
For some reason, your shapewear is stained with something that can't be cleaned using plain water. So, here you have to find the right way to clean stains without damaging the texture of your figure-slimming undergarment. Remember not to use bleach if you don't want the fibers to be damaged or thinned. Just apply a mild liquid detergent to the stained area, then rub with a soft brush or use your fingers until the stain is gone. Another way to wash your shapewear is to apply a paste of white vinegar and baking soda to the stained area.

4. Prevent Bad Odors
All types of shapewear hug your body firmly. It sticks like a second skin and absorbs every drop of sweat from your body. You probably don't miss a single day wearing your tummy control bodysuit and favor your shaper shorts as a staple for daily workout routine, all of which increases the chances of your shapewear smelling of sweat. To get rid of the smell, sprinkle baby powder all over the surface of your shapewear. Or, you can also soak your shapewear in a solution of cold water and clothes perfume for a few minutes.

In addition, it's a good idea to consider buying shapewear with anti-odor features. The benefit is that it can reduce the smell of sweat when shapewear is worn all day. Popular brands like Shapellx include anti-odor and anti-bacterial features in each of their shapewear products. That's one of the reasons why their shapewear is adored and more comfortable to wear.

5. Let Your Shapewear Dry Naturally
Do you always dry shapewear in the dryer? From now on, stop this habit because it is really not recommended to dry shapewear in the dryer. To maintain the quality and elasticity of the fabric, simply hang your shapewear in a shady place or room with good air circulation and let it dry naturally. You are also not allowed to dry shapewear in direct sunlight because it can fade the color of your favorite shapewear.

6. Store Shapewear Properly
Many people roll up their shapewear when storing it. Unfortunately, this method can damage the texture and elasticity of the shapewear. The best way to store your shapewear is to fold it as necessary or hang it in a dry and cool place to avoid mold growth. Even though it seems trivial, proper storage can make your shapewear last longer and maintain its quality.

Apart from proper care, choosing the best quality shapewear is essential. Make sure you choose shapewear from a trusted brand like Shapellx to get the best products that are comfortable to wear and can work effectively to create a flawless figure.

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